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close this bookThe Courier N° 159 - Sept - Oct 1996 - Dossier: Investing in People - Country Reports: Mali ; Western Samoa (EC Courier, 1996, 96 p.)
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General information

Area: 1 240 190 km²
Population: 10 million
Population density: 8.15 per km²
Population growth rate: 3.1 %
Capital: Bamako (pop.700 000)
Other main towns: Su (65 000), Mopti (52 000), Sikasso (50 000), Koutiala (37 000)
Languages: French (official language), Bambara, Peul, Shongoi, Tamashek
Curreny: CFA franc. In July 1996,1 ECU was worth CFAF 647.5 ($1 = CFAF 515)


Government: Mixed presidential and parliamentary system. Greater powers are due to be transferred to the regions after the next elections.

Head of State: Alpha Oumar Konar

Prime Minister: Ibrahim Boubacar Keita Political parties represented in Parliament: ADEMA (absolute majority). 'Opposition' - CNID, USRDA and numerous other smaller groupings.


(1993 figures unless otherwise stated) GDP: CFAF 753.8 billion
GDP per capita: $530
Origin of GDP by sector: agriculture 42%, industry 11 %, services 47%
Real GDP growth: 2.4%
Balance of payments: deficit of CFAF 84.1 billion (estimated)
Main trade partners (% of total trade)
Exports: Thailand (24.2%), Brazil (19.1%), Ireland (9.7%), Belgium/Luxembourg (9.7%)
Imports: Cd'lvoire (22.2%), France (14.5%), Senegal (9.7%), Hong Kong (4.6%)
Main exports: cotton 40%, livestock 28%, gold 17.5%
Annual inflation rate: 3%

Social indicators

Life expectancy at birth: 46.2
Infant mortalityper 1000 live births: 158
Adult literacy: 28.4%
Enrolment in education (primary, secondary and tertiary): 16%

Human Development Index rating: 0.223 (171st out of 174)