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After you get your ducks

124. When you bring your ducks home, put them in their shelter, close the door and go away. That way they can settle down, become calm and get used to their new home.

Put the ducks inside and close the door, leave the ducks alone

125. Later the same day, just before the sun goes down, give them some food to eat and some water to drink. However, give them the food and water inside the shelter.

Give them food and water inside the first few days

126. You can give them food that is left from your last meal. You can also give them some chopped green plants.

127. If you see that your ducks eat all the food that you give them, give them a little more.

128. Keep your ducks in their shelter for the first 2 or 3 days. However, be sure to give them some left- over food and chopped greens each night just before dark and make sure that they have water.

129. When you see that your ducks are calm and used to their new home, you can let them out for the day.

Let them out during the day

130. Let your ducks out a few hours after the sun is up. That way they will lay their eggs inside so that you can collect them easily.

Collect the eggs

131. During the day your ducks will wander about looking for insects and worms and grass and roots and other things that they like to eat.

132. Then, each night just before dark give them the left- over food from your table that day.

133. However, this time give them food in front of the shelter, not inside. That way is will stay clean inside.

134. By giving your ducks food in front of their shelter each night, they will become used to coming back to eat at that time.

Feed them outside

135. When your ducks have eaten, you can close them safely inside until the next morning.

136. During the first few weeks, check on your ducks from time to time during the day to see where they are.

137. However, soon they will learn to go out in the morning and come back by themselves at night. You will have to do very little for your ducks.