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Attachment B: Workshop evaluation form

This session had been part of an agency pilot of training materials on Personal Safety. Please take a few minutes to complete the following questions. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Thank you

1. How appropriate did you finds this session?

1 - Not at all appropriate
2 - Not very appropriate
3 - Average
4 - Appropriate
5 - Very appropriate

2. Did you find the materials to be interesting?

3. What would have made it more interesting? or more appropriate?

4. What was helpful to you?

5. Would you recommend that others participate in the same session?

Who would you recommend attend?

6. What would you change if you were able to change the session and offer it to another group?

7. What, if anything, did the trainer do that... enhanced the session detracted from the session _____________________________________ detracted from the session ___________________

8. Please add any comments regarding the material, the design, or the trainer.

Please use the back for additional room.