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close this folderThe collective self-reliance of developing countries in the fields of science and technology
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IV. Instead of a conclusion

Collective self-reliance of developing countries is not a process in itself not is it a closed circle isolated from world and scientific progress. It is a complementary component of the battle waged by developing countries to achieve national self-reliance in creative activity in close relation with endogenous social transformations and the development of indigenous capacities for autonomous decision-making. Collective self-reliance also should contribute to a wider exchange of knowledge, experience, and information among developing countries, that is, to inadequately developed components in overall scientific and technological development. It also presents a basis for the development of alternative technological strategies adapted to the needs and resources of developing countries.

Collective self-reliance should help strengthen the negotiating position of developing countries in changing present inequitable relations in world science and technology. In strengthening the negotiating position of developing countries in the UN system, special significance is accorded to its greater use in augmenting the potential of developing countries and expanding co-operation among them. Mutual co-operation among developing countries should contribute toward marking the International Strategy for the Third International Development Decade as the strategy of endogenous development and interdependence without domination. The following research projects are recommended to promote the principles of collective self-reliance among developing countries:

- a system of communication among developing countries in the field of science and technology;

- relations between scientific and technological policies in light of social transformations of developing countries and the strengthening of mutual co-operation;

- development of alternative technologies in correlation with national and collective self-reliance;

- methodological basis of assessment and forecasting of technological development in developing countries.