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close this bookGATE - 1/84 - Wind Energy (GTZ GATE, 1984, 56 p.)
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Dear Readers,

A year ago the hopes we expressed in this column that our journal "gate" would offer you a platform for your own contributions, ideas and suggestions were little more than a well-meant wish. We could not know whether you would take up our offer. But the fact that our hopes were not misplaced is proved by the number of subscribers, which rises from issue to issue, and also by the ever-increasing number of letters that land on the editor's desk. Letters which, in some cases, contain the suggestions and ideas which we are looking for, and which give us a much more personal contact to our readers than would be possible via the journal alone.

Perhaps now is the time to give you a peep behind the scenes at our editorial work. To give you an impression of how our journal is put together. We are always looking for topics that might interest our readers. This we share with the editorial departments of all journals and magazines. And we are always delighted when contributions reach us through the mail, for we would never be ate/e to manage it on our own. We have plenty of other things to do, as you will realize. So you see, dear reader, that there are good chances of a contribution offered - or sent - by you being published. This does not mean that we accept anything without criticism. Far from it. Contributions should be wed founded on facts and in line with the targets of our journal.

The main intention of "gate" is, of course, to provide information on activities and projects involving appropriate technologies. We have a great deal of experience and information on this subject, thanks not only to the work in which our partners are involved but also to our own efforts in this field. But this is not enough. In order to be able to offer an even more intensive exchange of information and experience it is not only in our own interest but also in the interest of the matter in hand that we should provide an increasing number of reports on plans, activities and projects which you yourselves have started up or which you have observed. And if you are any good with a camera or pencil don't forget that photos and drawings are news, too.
- Peter Baz