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How to handle your rabbits

105. Rabbits must be handled with great care in order not to hurt them.

106. When you pick up a rabbit hold it firmly but gently.

107. Make no sudden movements or you may frighten the rabbit and it will begin to struggle or scratch you.

108. Remember, never pick up a rabbit by the legs or the ears or you may hurt It.

Never pick up a rabbit by its legs or ears

109. Now let us learn the right way to pick up rabbits of different sizes and how to carry them.

Full- grown rabbits, small rabbits and heavy rabbits

110. When a rabbit is full- grown the skin over the shoulders at the back of the neck is very loose.

111. Gently grasp this loose skin with one hand to hold the rabbit and put the other hand under the rabbit to pick it up.

112. When you lift the rabbit, the hand under the animal should carry nearly all of the weight.

Full- grown rabbit

113. A small rabbit can be lifted and carried by holding it firmly between the hips and the ribs with the head hanging down.

Small rabbit

114. With a heavy rabbit, gently grasp the loose skin at the back of the neck with one hand and put the head of the rabbit behind the elbow of the other arm.

Heavy rabbit

115. Hold the heavy rabbit firmly against your side with the lower part of this arm and put the other arm under the rabbit.