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33. You can build a pen in the shallow water of a stream, a river, a lake or a reservoir.

Stream or river



34. The water in a pen should be no more than 1.5 metres in the deepest part.


35. You must also be sure that the water in a pen will never be less than 1 metre even during the dry season.

36. A pen should be put in a place where the flow of water is gentle, not fast.

37. It should be protected from wind so that the surface of the water will be calm, not rough.

38. The water should be clean. You should not build a pen too near an inlet where the water may be muddy or full of rubbish.
39. Choose a place in the stream or lake where the bottom is firm. It is not so easy to build a pen if the bottom is too soft and where the water may become muddy when you have to work in the pen.

40. In addition, try to find a place where you can build a pen using very few materials, such as the corner of a reservoir or an angle in a stream.

Corner of reservoir