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Evaluation form: PHAST

Please help us to improve the PHAST guide by answering the following questions and sending this evaluation form to:

Division of Operational Support in Environmental Health
World Health Organization
1211 Geneva 27

Name: _______________________________________________

Title: ________________________________________________


Postal address: ________________________________________

1. Does the guide contain all the information you need to use the PHAST approach?


If not, please tell us what information you still need. ____________


2. Is the guide easy to read and understand?


3. Was the guide translated into another language for you to use in your work with communities?


If yes, which language was used? __________________________

Was the guide difficult to translate into this language?


If yes, please explain why. ________________________________


4. After using the guide, did you feel that any of the steps or activities were not necessary?


If yes, please tell us which ones you thought weren't necessary and why.


5. Briefly list the changes that took place as a result of using this guide with a community group.

Changes to facilities: ____________________________________

Changes to hygiene behaviours: ___________________________

Changes in community spirit: _____________________________

Other changes: ________________________________________

6. Would you like to continue working with community groups using the guide?


If not, please explain why not. _____________________________

7. Have you or your colleagues modified the guide for use on other issues besides water and sanitation?


If yes, please tell us what issues. ___________________________

8. Had you received any training in SARAR or PHAST or any other participatory methodology before you used the guide?


If yes, please tell us about the training you received. ____________


9. If you have any other comments that you would like to make or suggestions, please write them below.


Thank you for taking the time in fill in this evaluation form. Note: If you don't want to cut this page out, you can photocopy it.