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close this bookPHAST Step-by-Step Guide: A Participatory Approach for the Control of Diarrhoeal Disease (PHAST - SIDA - UNDP - WB - WHO, 2000, 137 p.)
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Activity, tool and artist acknowledgements

A number of the write-ups for the activities in this guide were based on earlier work by Lyra Srinivasan (1990) and Deepa Narayan and Lyra Srinivason (1994). These include: Step 1: Activity 1; Step 2: Activities 1, 2 and 3; Step 3: Activity 3, and Step 5: Activity 1.

The tools in this guide were developed as follows:

Unserialized posters

Lyra Srinivasan

Nurse Tanaka

Keith Wright

Three-pile sorting

Jake Pfohl

Pocket chart

Lyra Srinivasan

Transmission routes

Ron Sawyer and William Samson

Blocking the routes

Ron Sawyer

Barriers chart

Ron Sawyer

Gender role analysis

Deepa Narayan

Sanitation options

Josiah Omotto

Question box

Ron Sawyer

Problem box

Ron Sawyer

Monitoring chart

Mayling Simpson-Hrt, Sara Wood and Ron Sawyer

Tool drawings featured in the kit were produced by Mr M. Makolo (Department of Information, Botswana); Mr Charles Kut (CARE-Kenya); Mr Taffy T. de Naisho (Communication Concepts, Kenya); Ms Alicia Sawyer (SARAR Transformation SC, Mexico); Ms Christine Achieng (RUWASA, Uganda), Mr Bob Mugisha (Ministry of Environment; Uganda) and Ms Juliet Waterkynd (Studio A.H.E.A.D, Zimbabwe).

Participatory materials have been developed over a long period of time. They are the result of a great deal of joint collaboration. In acknowledging the above artists, we would also like to acknowledge those people whose names are no longer on record.