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Organizational diagnosis

NGDOs undergo organizational diagnosis for the following purposes: as a crucial starting point for change management; as a good data gathering mechanism and input for strategic planning; as a donor requirement; and as a response to organizational crisis.

To guide the planning and conduct of the organizational diagnosis process, the following may be useful reflections.

· The need to develop appropriate organizational development (OD) models or frameworks. While there are generic models or frameworks that may be used, there is a need to customize or adapt these to the peculiarities of NGDOs. Many OD models were developed for profit-oriented corporate organizations. These frameworks have to be modified to fit the nature of private, non-profit, service-oriented organizations.

· The need for partnering and mentoring between OD external experts and internal implementors. This was highlighted in consideration of the belief that the OD process has to be owned by the people inside the organization, that the participation or involvement of the NGDO staff themselves is as critical as, if not more critical than, that of the OD consultant.

· The need to secure the commitment of top management and leadership at the start of the OD process. This, to ensure that the organization will allocate the necessary budget and personnel, allows transparency during the whole process, and muster the will to eventually institute the necessary changes.