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A Unique Opportunity

Speakers shared the common perspective of the uniqueness of this gathering, taking place at a critical juncture in world history.

As the Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand stated, the World Conference came at a particularly auspicious time: "the present world climate is conducive to international cooperation in developing the quality of life of its population".

The Executive Secretary described the World Conference as "a unique occasion to influence the future development of education and of our many societies". All speakers underscored the need to seize new opportunities, while all three presidents emphasized the real potential for massive reduction of expenditures for military purposes.

The World Conference on Education for All provides us a unique opportunity to have an electrifying impact on political will in the world and to mobilize global resources for world-wide universalisation of education. Let us not miss this opportunity of the century.

President Ershad

The warming of relations between East and West, the withdrawal of occupying forces in various parts of the world and the reduction of the manufacture of arms, are all developments that should release huge amounts of resources for development. We shall surely not be asking for too much when we say some of the resources thus saved should be put to better use of providing education for all.

President Moi

The cost of a nuclear submarine would finance the annual educational budget of 23 developing countries and meet the needs of 160 million school-age children.

President Borja