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View the document2.3.1. Force action on cur rent-carrying conductors
View the document2.3.2. Force action on current-carrying coils (motor principle)

2.3.2. Force action on current-carrying coils (motor principle)

Motor principle

As opposed to Figure 17, Figure 19 features a conductor loop is positioned in a rotatable manner. A force is exerted on both conductor sides. This yields an overall torque.

M = 2 · F · r

Figure 19 - Torque incidence in a conductor loop

1 Radius, 2 Effective length, 3 Current direction, 4 Force action

Motor equation

The following equation is forthcoming from the electrodynamic law of force

M = 2 · B · l · I · N · r

M = c · F · I


machine constants (constructive values)

magnetic flow of the external magnetic field


current in the conductor loop or coil