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close this bookHandling and Connection of Cables and Lines for Fixed Laying - Course: Basic skills and knowledge of electrical engineering. Trainees' handbook of lessons (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 17 p.)
close this folder3. Connection of Cables and Lines for Fixed Laying to Electrical Equipment
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Cables and lines of up to 4 mm2 (inclusive) are to be laid with a spare loop at the points of connection so that the conductor can be re-adjusted.

The cross section of conductors must not be reduced at their points of connection and joints. Points of the connection and joints must be easily accessible!

The colour of the core must comply with the function of the conductor!

Example for making of lines for use in heavy current installations of up to 1 kV

Function of the conductor

Colour of the insulation

Main circuits

also auxiliary circuits for industrial controls


preferably, however, as middle wire (neutral wire) with no protective function


also auxiliary circuits having switch contacts


Protective wires (neutral wires, auxiliary earth wires), potential equalization wires