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A. Food Security

To address the problem of food security, policymakers and project planners have continually looked for ways to get at the root causes of poverty and world hunger, and permit households to have "access. . .at all times to sufficient food and nutrition for a healthy and productive life" (US Agriculture Trade and Development Act, 1990).

Factors that Influence Household Food Security



Food consumption

· Number of people in household
· Age, sex, working status of individuals
· Health status of individuals
· Childbearing status (pregnant, lactating)

Food production

· Access to land
· Access to technology
· Access to investment capital
· Education of the farmer
· Government policies (tariffs, price controls, export taxes, input subsidies)

Price of food

· Quantity produced
· Costs of marketing
· Size of population
· Income of population
· Government policies (tariffs, price controls, export taxes, input subsidies)

Income and assets

· Education of members of households
· Capital position of household
· Land position
· Employment opportunities
· Transportation costs to and from work
· Health