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The study programme for the second- year course is called: the farm business and its animal and vegetable production. We shall deal more particularly with the farm business in this first booklet of the second- year course and in the last booklet of the course. In the other booklets we shall deal with the animal and vegetable production of a farm. In this first booklet, we ask you to make a farm business survey.

What does this mean - "make a survey"?

Making a survey of a farm business means taking stock of a farm and stating what are its means of production.
For instance:

· How many workers are there?
· How many fields are farmed?

What is the area of these fields?
What crops are grown on them?

· What animals belong to the farmer?

How many are there?
Do some animals work in the fields?

· What tools are used?
· What buildings are there?