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View the documentSession T-100: Report writing

Session T-100: Report writing

Time: 7:30 PM


The purpose of this session is for the trainees to evaluate the training program in the format of an official memorandum.




1 Hour 30 Minutes

1. The trainer presents the following report format and content outline, and tells trainees to write a three to five page memorandum to a Peace Corps/Washington official, i.e. Fisheries Specialist or Director, OPD.

Trainer's Note:

Trainer may want to suggest that trainees do a draft during the session, and hand in the final copy at the end of the next day.



TO: Fisheries Specialist or Director, OPD

FROM: Trainee

SUBJECT: Marine Fisheries Training Program

Content Outline

1. List out your major learnings in this training program.

2. Which dimensions of this training program will have the most impact on your success as a Peace Corps Volunteer?

3. How do you see your competence/confidence level as a marine fisheries extensionist?

4. In what ways do you feel you have met your personal learning goals for this training program?

5. The training site and facilities.

6. Other - optional.

7. Conclusion/summary of report.