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Session T-6: Introduction to net construction and repair

Time: 7:30 AM


· To have trainees learn basic net mending techniques focusing primarily on the Becket Bend as well as the nomenclature of nets


In this session trainees learn how to construct and/or repair a net using the Becket Bend.

Materials and Equipment:

· Sections of netting, net needles (various sizes, types) net twine, hand-out on Becket Bend

Trainer's Notes:

Practice is necessary for net mending proficiency. We had trainees practice out of doors in view of local fishermen. Local fishermen took great interest, helped trainees by showing them how they tie knots, etc, and reinforced net mending as a social event as much as a practical skill.




30 Minutes

1. Technical trainer passes out instructions for Becket Bend. Next passes out net which has been cut so that it can be repaired. Trainees are given net needles and twine. Technical trainer shows each one how to mend using Becket Bend.

1 Hour

2. Trainees spend the remainder of session mending net. Technical trainer remains at scene but does not offer help unless asked. At the end of first hour, inspects trainees work and makes appropriate comments. 3. Trainees continue net mending. At end of the hour the technical trainer goes over highlights of the net session from the night before and links to future net mending sessions.

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