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A. Irradiation techniques

53. Use of irradiation in wine-making industries (China). The Fifth Radio Factory of Qiqihae in North East China has produced a wine aging system utilising ultrashort, ultrasonic and ultraviolet rays. Treatment of wine by these rays for 8 to 12 minutes gives an aging effect equivalent to six months storage and improves the wine quality. The Luzhou Brewery in Sichuan Province produces a popular product “Luzhou Dawue” liqueur which is treated with X-rays in doses of between 80,000 and 120,000 roentgens.41

54. *Heat/irradiation technique for inactivating virus in meat products (Uruguay). Scientists at the Meat Institute of the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences have developed methods to eliminate foot and mouth disease from meat and meat products without alteration of the quality. Traditionally a long holding time was required to achieve the acidity required to destroy the virus. This new method involves a balanced combination of heat, heat/irradiation and heat/cold dehydration techniques. Since foot and mouth disease is the main obstacle to expanding exports of meat from Uruguay, it is expected that this breakthrough would be of great economic benefit. The project is being undertaken by the government of Uruguay with the assistance of the UNFSSTD.