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World wind-power market growth continues

Steady Increase

Global megawatt (MOO) installed capacity increased by 25 % to a total of 7,636 MW by the end of 1997. In 1997, a total of 1,566 MW of new capacity was sold, an increase of 21 % over 1996.

It is expected that the boost will continue in the years to come. The five-year forecast predicts some 12,600 MW of new installations in the period from 1998 through 2002. This forecast represents a cumulative sales value - 5 years ahead of 12 billion USD (1997 price level).

Top Ten

Ten manufacturers supplied 90 % of the new wind capacity installed in 1997. The 'Top Ten' is led by Danish companies NEG-Micon, Vestas, Bonus, and the German Enercon. This year, three Spanish companies (Made, Desarollos, Gamesa) and a US company (Zond/Enron) advanced to the list.

Information: World Market Update, BTM
Consult ApS. I.C. Christensens Alle 1,
6950 Ringkobing, Denmark
Ph: +45-97-325299, fax: +45-97325593
e-mail: and

Annual installed new wind power capacity worldwide 1992-97 and forecast 19982002. Source: BTM Consult ApS.

- World wind-power market growth continues

Sustainable Energy Contacts - Europe Correction


Foundation for Alternative Energy FAE
INFORSE - EUROPE Coordinator
PO Box 35, 85007, Bratislava.
Att. Emil Bedi
Ph/fax: +421-7-836-964

List of additional contacts missing in the February 1998 list in Sustainable Energy News no. 20.


Climate Network Europe CNE
42 rue de Taciturne, 1000 Bruxelles
Att. Liam Salter
Ph: +32-2-2310180
Fax: +32-2-2305713

Czech Rep.

Renewable Energy Center. NGO, consultancy, energy conservation.
Bubensk, 170 00 Praha 7
Att. Jiri Beranovsky
Ph: +420-2-66710247
Fax: +420-2-66710248


HELIO International, GEO
NGO. R&D. Monitors national & international energy systems.
56, rue de Passy, 75016 Paris
Att. Helene Connor
Ph: +33-142245148
Fax: +33-1-42248633


European Youth For(est) Action EYFA
Int. NGO. Publish VERGE. Youth network. Organizes Ecotopia.
Postbus 94115, 1090 GC Amsterdam
Ph: +31-206657743
Fax: +31-20-6928757

World Information Service on Energy WlSE-International.
NGO. Anti nuclear network, news.
PO Box 59636, 1040 LC Amsterdam
Att. Dirk Banning, H. Linnebank
Ph: +31-20-6126368
Fax: +31-20-6892179


Norges Naturvernforbund
FOE Norway. Local. Altematives to hydro-, nuclearpower.
PObox 6891, St. Olavspl., 01300slo
Att. Dag Arne Hoystad
Ph: +47-22-993300
Fax: +47-22-993310


Climate Network Central 8 Eastern Europe, Polish Ecological Club,
Local. Nat. NGO.
Pl Zambowy 10/II P. 00-277 Warszawa
Att. Zbigniew Karaczun
Ph: +48-22-8-312830
Fax: +48-22-8-312830
E mail:

Russia (ClS)

Ecodefense - Anti Nuclear Campaign, Baltic Regin, WISE
Nat. NGO. E-mail Info.
Moskovsky prospect 20 34, 236006
Kaliningrad Att. Vladimir Sliviak
Ph: +70112-437286
Fax: +7-0112-437286

Nuclear Policy Center of Socio Ecological Union SEU
Ul Krupskoy 8-1-187, 117311 Maskva
Att. Ilya Popov
Ph: +7-095-131-70-12
Fax: +7-095-131-70-12


Green Table
Nat. NGO. Krunska 78, Beograd
Att. Dusan Vasiljevic
Ph: +38-11 457 463
Fax: +38-11 453 146
E-mail: greentbl@eunet.yu


Slovenian E-Forum
Nat. NGO. Energy & Ecology
Dimiceva 12, 1113 Ljublana
Att. Andrej Klemeno
Ph: +38-61-1888473
Fax: +38-61-1888473
Http: //

United Kingdom

Centre for Alternative Technology CAT
RE, energy savings, visitors, consultancy, publications, courses.
Machynlleth, Powys, SY20 9AZ, Wales
Att. Roger Kelly Ph: +44-1654-702400
Fax: +44-1654702782
http: //

Friends of the Earth FOE-EW&NI
Climate & Energy, 26-28 Underwood
Street, London N1 7JQ
Att. Ute Collier
Ph: +44-171-5661671
Fax: +44-171-4900881

International Institute for Energy Conservation, IlEC-Europe
Int. NGO. Publish "E-notes".
31 Pitfield Street, London N1 6HB
Ph: +44-171-490-7616
Fax: +44-171-490-7626
http: //