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The World Directory of Renewable Energy Suppliers & Services 2000


With Market Overview by Nicholas Mahoney

ISBN 190291614X, 268 p., 2001, CD available James & James

Energy and Climate in the Urban Built Environment


Cities that have a huge impact on the local climate and require vast quantities of energy.

Edited by Mat Santamouris, University of Athens, Greece.

Includes a CD, a multimedia tool for buildings in the urban environment. Funded by SAVE.

ISBN 1873936 90 7, 402 p, 2001.

Energy Efficient Office Refurbishment


Handbook and case studies from Europe.

Results of a research project founded by the JOULE Program

Edited by Simon Burton, ECD Energy and Environment Ltd, London, UK and Marco Sala, University of Florence, Firenze, Italy.

ISBN 1 902916 01 8, 185 p., 2001.

Solar Energy - The State of the Art


ISES Position Papers 12 Chapters review the current science, and technology, and explore the remaining challenges for the future.

Edited by Jeffrey Gordon, International Solar Energy Society (ISES).

ISBN 1902916239, 706p., 2001, ISES.

Miscanthus for Energy and Fibre


A promising, non-food crop. Utilisations are: energy, paper pulp, building material, bio-remediation of contaminated soil.

Results of research by Miscanthus Productivity Network, EU’s DG VI (Agriculture) and a project funded by FAIR

Edited by Michael B. Jones, University of Dublin, Ireland & Mary Walsh Hyperion Energy Systems Ltd, Ireland.

ISBN 1-902916-07-7, 192 p., 2001.

Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines


Rotors, Loads and Structure

By Martin O.L. Hansen, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark.

ISBN 902916069, 144 p., 2000.

A Solar Manifesto, Herman Scheer


Calling for fundamental change in political and economic strategies, paving the way towards a global solar energy economy sustained by new social principles.

The author is member of the German Parliament, president of EUROSOLAR and received World Solar Prize and Alternative Nobel Prize.

ISBN 1-902916-24-7,

258 p., 2001. 2nd edition.

16th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference


Proceedings presenting 790 papers of the International Conference held in Glasgow, UK 1-2 May 2000.

Edited by H. Scheer, Eurosolar, B. McNelis, IT Power,

Conference was organised by WIP-Renewable Energies, Germany. The Proceeding is available in a CD, and in a 3-volume book set.

ISBN 1 902916 19 0, 2000, WIP

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India Facts and Figures


A reference handbook.
By M. Mohan Mathews, Denmark.
Sterling Publishers, New Delhi, India, 2001. 392 p. 28 USD plus postage.
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