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This book represents the contributions of many individuals and organizations in the water supply and sanitation sector. The WSSCC Working Group on Promotion of Sanitation and its editors wish to thank sincerely the many who wrote articles, reviewed articles and reviewed the draft as a whole. Every attempt was made to consider seriously the inputs of every person and organization, to reach a consensus and to make revisions accordingly. Not every viewpoint expressed here is held by every member of the Working Group or the World Health Organization. In the end, the responsibility for errors and the inclusion of articles and points of view that may not be held by everyone in the sector is that of the editors alone. This responsibility we gladly accept.

Firstly we would like to thank the many authors who contributed articles, most of them without any financial remuneration. Without them, there would be no book.

We wish to thank the following people who reviewed the draft in whole or in part and provided us with written comments: John Adams, Arthur Archer, Ali Basaran, Albert Birgi, Isabelle Blackett, Vicky Blagbrough, Bjorn Brandberg, Ben van Bronckhorst, Sandy Cairncross, Leonie Crennan, Franz Drees, the Environmental Health Project of USAID, David Evans, Franz Giler, Christoph Geisler, Gourisankar Ghosh, Brian Grover, J. Hazbun, Udo Heinss, Pierre Hirano, Peder Hjorth, M. M. Hoque, Sahmsul Huda, Raquiba A Jahan, Dick de Jong, Ratna I. Josodipoero, K. Balanchandra Kurup, Nii Odai Laryea, Susan Lee, Palat Mohandas, Mosabala Lipholo, T. V. Luong, Arben Luzati, Duncan Mara, Josarlines, Walter Mason, Nilanjan Mikherjee, Eric Mood, Rees Mwasambili, Nguyen Huy Nga, John Pospisilik, Claude Rakotomalala, Jennifer Rietbergen-McCracken, Pia Rockhold, Beatrice Sakyi, Roland Schertenleib, Tova Maria Solo, Maria Sotomayor, Koo Ue, Jean Michel Vauillamoy, Philip Wan, Dennis Warner, Uno Winblad, Asunwontan Winclaire, Ranjith Wiransinha, Regional Water Supply Group, Western and Central Africa, and UNICEF and World Health Organization offices in many countries.

A big thanks goes to Working Group members who contributed to the discussions and thinking that lie behind this book. These are H. Alkhandak, Astier Almedom, Mustapha Bennouna, Anthony Brand, Bjorn Brandberg, Ato Brown, Lucy Clarke, Steven A. Esrey, Mariela Garcia, Jean Gough, Derrick O. Ikin, Vathinee Jitjaturunt, Mary Judd, M. Salissou KanDan Kaseje, Peter Kolsky, Patric Landin, Bryan Locke, S. P. Mathur, Alain Mathys, Fati Mumuni, Helen Murphy, Shungu S. Mtero, Janusz Niemczynowicz, Antoinette Nyomba, Bindeshwar Pathak, Eduardo Perez, B. Mogane-Ramahotswa, M. Ramonaheng, B. B. Samanta, Gunner Schultzberg, Homero Silva, P. K. Sivanandan, Nguyen Cong Thanh, Vanessa Tobin, Cheikh TourKoo Ue, Hans van Damme, Ineke van Hooff, Christine van Wijk, and H. Wihuri. Many of these people attended as representatives of their agencies: the Environmental Health Project of USAID, IRC Water and Sanitation Centre, UNDP-World Bank Water and Sanitation Program, UNICEF and World Health Organization.

Mary Falvey, Elizabeth Garfunkel and Jacqueline Sawyer provided editorial support.

Finally, there are not words strong enough to express the gratitude that the Working Group on Promotion of Sanitation and the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council feels for the generous financial support given to the Working Group. These donors stood behind the autonomous thinking of the group every step of the way and continuously offered words of support in addition to their financial contributions. We therefore give our heartfelt and deepest thanks to the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) and the World Health Organization for their contributions.