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“Breastfeeding, Growth & Illness: An Annotated Bibliography”

(1992) by Allan S. Cunningham, Derrick B. Jelliffe, and E.F. Patrice Jelliffe. UNICEF, New York. 157 pages.


Prepared as a contribution to information dissemination by the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA), this book lists the details of where to find over 500 articles on the subject of breastfeeding, growth and illness. The focus of the bibliography is on recent epidemiological research, but as the authors explain in the introduction to the book, some of the laboratory studies of human milk and proprietary formula are also included “which emphasize the biological plausibility of the epidemiology.” In addition, although it is the belief of the authors that breastfeeding is “one of the most important things a mother can do for her child, anywhere in the world” they acknowledge that it may occasionally be hazardous to an infant. Thus, whilst rare, articles that report such circumstances are also included.

The articles are grouped by chapter under the following 14 broad headings: A. Less Technically Developed Communities; B. Mortality, Nutrition and Growth in Industrial Nations; C. Review Articles and Miscellaneous Infectious Morbidity; D. Gastrointestinal Infections; E. Respiratory Disease; F. Non-infectious Morbidity; G. Neonates, Prematures, Necrotizing Enterocolitis; H. Allergy, Feeding Method, Maternal Diet; I. Long-term Effects and Chronic Disease; J. Maternal (Disease) Benefits, Contraception; K. Microbes in Human Milk and Vertical Transmission; L. Untoward Effects of Breastfeeding; M. How Does Breast Milk Work? and N. Programmatic Considerations. Each chapter has a short introduction summarizing current knowledge on the topic, and a sentence or two with each article describes its main findings or significance.

The authors describe the purpose of the bibliography as being twofold: “to give health workers an efficient overview of a broad subject, and to provide an entree to recent research.”

For further information please contact: UNICEF, Programme Publications, 3 UN Plaza, New York, NY 10017, USA.