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close this bookSpecial Public Works Programmes - SPWP - Planting Trees - An Illustrated Technical Guide and Training Manual (ILO - UNDP, 1993, 190 p.)
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7.6 Road-sides and river-sides

Land along roads, canals and rivers is often available for planting multipurpose trees and shrubs. When trees are grown individually or with wide spacing, they will grow much faster than in plantations because there is less competition. They can be a significant source of tree products. Trees will also provide shade and stabilize roadsides and river banks. Ownership of the land concerned is not always clearly or visibly defined. Land along the bigger roads, canals and rivers often belongs to the government or local communities. Before planting, ownership of the land, harvesting rights and responsibilities for management and protection have to be clearly defined.

Trees along the road should be planted so that they leave room for the safe passage of people, animals and vehicles. Trees should not be planted on the inside of a curve where they might block the view of oncoming vehicles.

Along waterways it is usually easy to establish trees, unless the banks are steep or rocky. If banks are flooded during the rainy season, the plant should be planted right after the rains to be well established before the next flooding. Species known to grow naturally close to water, and thus tolerating seasonal changes in water level, should be chosen.

To stabilize the banks, a strip of grass should be planted along the water. Further from the water a strip of shrubs and thereafter trees.

Roadside planting

Plant 2-3m from road

No trees on the inside of curves: they block the view!

Trees only on outside of curves: good view

Planting along waterways