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close this bookSpecial Public Works Programmes - SPWP - Planting Trees - An Illustrated Technical Guide and Training Manual (ILO - UNDP, 1993, 190 p.)
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8.1 Planning

Well organized work and good planning are essential for the success of larger-scale plantations. Lack of planning and poor organization lead to delays, waste of time, poor timing, misunderstanding, irritation and, above all, plantations of poor quality at excessive cost.

To get the work to run smoothly, it must be made certain that:

- funding is ensured (often a cause for delay);
- plants, transport and manpower are available;
- appropriate tools and other materials are available;
- the workers are instructed;
- work is properly organized and coordinated;
- working conditions are safe and productive.

Productive work requires good leadership, fair and regularly paid wages, clean drinking water, food and camps where required, safety precautions and first-aid.

To make sure that all points have been taken into account, annual plans should be drawn up specifying the type and volume of work, the location, the timing of operations, the need for manpower, equipment and material, and the working method to be used. Costs and available means should be indicated.


Organization and planning are essential