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8.2 Workforce

The organization of the work depends on who will carry it out.

The planting workforce can be employed directly, or payed by a project or a company. The employers are then responsible for work organization, supervision and safety. A permanent skilled workforce is desirable for large, longer term plantation work. Forest workers are, however, often hired as casual labour, working only part of the year with forestry.

A contract can also be established with local groups, which are commissioned for a special task and payed after the task is fulfilled. In this case the work is organized by the individual group. The role of the forest service or the project is mostly to advise and to provide certain material. The cost of supervising is thus considerably reduced.

The planting may be carried out individually by the owner of the land and his/her family.

A group of people, for example a community, a school or an organization, may plant an area on common land for their own mutual benefit. In the latter two cases the landowner or the community contribute their labour without pay. It is then important that the long term tenure of the land is clear, as well as the distribution of benefits.

No matter which group does the work, it is essential to ascertain that enough suitable workers will be available for the various operations.


Hired workers

Workers are employed

Contract is established with local groups

Planting on private or common land

The work is carried out by the owner of the land

Community planting of common land