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Prior to planting, bare-rooted seedlings should stand in a mixture of water and earth/clay for a few hours and containerized seedlings should be thoroughly watered. Excessively long roots (longer than 25cm) should be pruned with a machete or an axe.

Planting consists of the following operations:

- Digging of the holes;
- On-site distribution of the seedlings;
- Planting;
- Use of fertilizers (if required).

If the holes have not been made beforehand, the work may be conducted by gangs of two workers. The first digs the planting hole, the second distributes the plants and completes planting. On difficult sites more diggers than planters have to be assigned. Where holes are more easily dug, the ratio may be reversed. Another method is to let one worker distribute the plants to 10-20 planters who will dig the holes and plant. One single worker may also complete the whole operation of digging, carrying the seedlings and planting.

Planting techniques

Planting gangs of two

Planting in bigger groups

Planting alone