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close this bookSpecial Public Works Programmes - SPWP - Planting Trees - An Illustrated Technical Guide and Training Manual (ILO - UNDP, 1993, 190 p.)
close this folder5. Adapting planting techniques to different site conditions
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5.8 High altitudes with snow

- Plant seedlings in groups on the best sites and only where the snow disappears early in the spring. Over time the tree cover will the spread to areas between the groups of seedlings i.e. into the less favourable sites.

- Start planting as high up as possible on the slope to facilitate the natural generation further down in the valley.

Sand dunes

Fence and cover dune surface

High altitudes with snow

Plant seedlings in groups

Common mistakes in planting on difficult sites

Local experience nor adequately considered. Contact local forest officers if available.

Starting on too large a scale, and not allowing time to learn by experience.