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The evaluators

Evaluators must fulfil certain conditions to participate in an evaluation:

- Possess excellent qualifications and professional experience in a given educational domain (teaching, curriculum, educational psychology, educational research, publishing school textbooks, elaboration of school books).

- Not be personally engaged in the elaboration of the manuscript under evaluation.

- Possess or have previously received full information on the different stages and operations of textbook production (seminars organized by a Textbook Committee...)

- Have received special preparation for the work of evaluation and know about all aspects of the elaboration of manuscripts (preparatory working sessions under the guidance of a competent expert who could be the Chairman of the Committee).

In principle, evaluators are members of the Textbook Committee. However, outside personalities meeting the requirements for participating in the evaluation can be called upon to collaborate in this work.

Division of work amongst the evaluators of aspects evaluated




- Subject specialists: teachers inspectors, supervisors

- Secondary school teachers

- Curriculum specialists

Pedagogical approaches

- Subject specialists

- Educational psychologists


- Language teachers

- Publishing organizations


- Subject specialists

- Graphic artists

Presentation and composition

- Publishing services (compositors)

Division of work is not mandatory, but simply indicative of the need to make use of all available qualifications. For countries having resources sufficient only for the production of one single textbook per discipline per school year, the evaluation of a manuscript can be the determining factor in obtaining the best possible quality of school books.