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The Application Form

The application form should be in clear language, understandable to all suitable applicants', and should be free of jargon or unnecessary questions. It should, however, be sufficiently demanding to discourage frivolous applicants.

The attached example (see "Application Form" at the end of this chapter) includes all the information that is likely to be needed; the stress should be on the quality of the information, with sufficient space for the answers to be written in, rather than on gathering information for its own sake.

The information that is sent out with the application form should describe the content of the course in some detail, and should also clearly explain the financial arrangements, stating what participants will and will not have to pay for. It is particularly important to make it clear that those who are invited for interview will not have their travel or any accomodation expenses reimbursed. Applicants' willingness to make this commitment is a valuable form of self-selection.