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How to use the Workbook

Each participant should get a file in which she can collect her own notes, timetable, handouts, drawings, questionnaires and other information. The participants should be advised to put all information together in such a way that they can use the workbook as a source of information in their businesses.

Most sessions are summarized on a one (or maximum two) page handout. The trainer should not distribute these handouts without having made sure that the information corresponds with that given during the actual session. Because the session guides are only guidelines and will certainly be adapted to the participants' and the trainers' needs and experiences, it is recommended that handouts are prepared after each session and the ones included in this manual be regarded as examples.

In addition to the "summary" handouts, many sessions have handouts in the form of case Studies, exercises or questionnaires which have been tested several times. If a trainer wishes or needs to change them, she/he should first test the new design with friends or relatives to make sure that others understand them, and that calculations are correct.