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General Introduction into the Business Plan Week

General Objective:

The aim of this week is to enable participants to put all the information and planning data which they gathered during their field studies into one coherent planning document.

This part of the course is not structured in the same way as the preceeding weeks, by sessions and counselling.

Besides the two plenary meetings on Business Plan Preparation and Business Plan Presentation the participants are expected to work individually or in small groups on their business plans. Two or three trainers should be available for counselling and assistance and, if necessary, to conduct additional sessions about specific problems. Experience shows that it is not advisable to allow the participants to work outside the classroom(s).

The final presentations of the business plans to a committee of bankers and other financiers needs to be prepared well in advance. The bankers should be invited at least a month before the presentations, briefed about the objectives and proceedings, and they should also be given a copy of the business plans.

The final presentations will take half the time if enough bankers can be invited in order to form two committees and to split the participants into two groups.