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close this bookBetter Farming Series 04 - The Soil: How the Soil is Made up (FAO - INADES, 1976, 37 p.)
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Suggested question paper

The ... is the layer of earth where ... find their food.
Good land should have ... soil.
All soils are not alike. A ... soil contains a lot of sand.
A clay soil contains a lot of ... .
In the soil there is also humus. Humus returns to the soil the ... used by the plant.
Humus improves the ... of soils.
Crop remains ... and ... add humus to the soil.
There are also many microbes in the soil. They ... organic matter and give the soil ... .


What is the soil?
Why do we call clay soils heavy?
What do you do to get good reserves of water in the soil?
What is the depth of soil of your field?
What is fallow?
Why do you have fallow land?
How can you improve the soil structure?
Is it good to make a brush fire?