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What can you feed your rabbits?

134. Here is a list of foods that rabbits like to eat.

Fresh plants

· nearly all green plants, and especially rich plants such as bean plants and alfalfa
· many kinds of grass and weeds
· the outside leaves and the tops of vegetables
· lettuce, endive and chicory
· tender banana, cane and bamboo leaves
· cut- up pieces of the stalks of plants such as maize or banana
· roots such as cassava, yams, carrots, beets and turnips

Dry plants

· nearly all plants dried when they are green, including grass and weeds

Rich foods

· barley, maize, wheat, oats field beans, rye, buckwheat millet and sorghum
· cottonseed, groundnut, coconut, linseed and sesame cakes.

135. If you have some food that you think might be good, give your rabbits a little of it. If they like it, you can begin to give it to them.

Give little of the new food

136. However, a sudden change of food may make your rabbits sick. So, when you give them something new, give it to them little by little for a week or more until they become used to it.


The leaves of the potato or the tomato plant may make your rabbits sick.

Potato plant; tomato plant