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When to replace your full- grown female rabbits

227. If any of your full- grown female rabbits become sick or do not have healthy baby rabbits, do not mate them. Replace them with new full- grown females.

Replace unhealthy females with healthy females

228. As long as your full- grown female rabbits are healthy and have healthy baby rabbits, you can continue to mate them until they are three years old.

Change female rabbits after three years

229. However, after three years you should replace them with other full- grown females. You can either buy new females or you can use your own.

230. If you decide to use your own, choose one or two of your healthiest and strongest young females before you eat or sell any of your young rabbits.

231. That way you will always have a healthy young female ready to replace one of your old females or a female that becomes sick. You can also use a young female if you decide to mate more than two female rabbits.