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Raising more rabbits

263. After you have been raising rabbits for some time with two full- grown females and one full- grown male, you may find that you and your family could eat or sell more rabbits if you had them.

264. The easiest way to raise more rabbits is to mate your two females more often. However, to do this your females must be very strong and healthy.

265. You can also raise more rabbits by keeping and mating more females. You can begin by keeping three or more full- grown females instead of only two.

With three females you will need only one male

266. You have already been told that you can use your own young rabbits when you need more females for mating. So, start by choosing one or two of your healthiest females.

267. Remember, when you use your own female rabbits for mating, you must change your male rabbit about once every year (see Items 233 to 236 in this booklet).

268. One male rabbit can be used to mate as many as six females. However, if you have more than six female rabbits you will need to have two males.

If you have more than six females you will need two males