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How to build a poultry house

You will need:

5 poles, 4 metres
9 poles, 2.5 metres
2 poles, 8 metres
8 poles, 3 metres

1 pole, 3.5 metres 70 laths for the roof 17 mats Hay or straw for thatching Poultry wire netting, 22 metres One roll of wire Fittings for the door 300 mud bricks Sand Nails, 6 kilogrammes Inside all poultry houses put feeding troughs and drinking founts.

If you want to raise chicks, put in brooders.

If you want to raise laying hens, put in nests.

Front view

Cross section

Vertical poles

Floor plan Horizontal poles

c 2 poles, 8 m

f 8 poles, 3 m

d 2 poles, 6 m

g 1 pole, 3.5 m

e 3 poles, 4 m

Plan of roof construction

79. You can build the poultry house that was described without spending much money.

You make the walls of earth with wooden posts or with clay bricks.

You can make the roof with straw or with big leaves, or even with old sheet iron.

The ground of the poultry house must be well firmed. You can also cover it with concrete.

80. The poultry house must be built
Near the farmer's own house
Because he has to go to the poultry house several times a day.

On dry ground

Damp ground is dangerous for poultry, which get diseases as a result.

If the ground slopes, you must dig a ditch all round the poultry house to get rid of rain water.

Sheltered from sun and wind

You must build the poultry house in such a way that during the greatest heat it is sheltered from the sun, so that, in the evening when the heat is less strong, the sun can shine in.

Orient the ridge from east to west.

During the rainy season put mats and branches on the sides of the poultry house to prevent the rain and wind from getting in.

For 50 hens

The poultry house can be: 4 metres wide x 4 metres long x 2 metres high.

For 100 hens

The poultry house would be: 6 metres wide x 6 metres long x 2 metres high.

Do not make solid walls more than 0.5 metre high. Close the remainder of the space with wire netting or bamboo laths.