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Feeding troughs

83. Feeding troughs should be sufficient in number and long enough for each bird to have its place when it wants to eat.

Feeding troughs should not be too wide, so that the birds cannot leave their droppings in them.

Hollowed out bamboos could be used, for example.

On the next page Is a good type of feeding trough. It can be made In the village.

Nail the bottom of the trough to two planks. To the right and left of the trough nail two perches.

The sides of the trough are made of thinner boards. They are higher if the trough is for hens.

They are lower if the trough is for chicks.

To prevent the hens from leaving their droppings in the troughs, add a wooden bar that turns (a roller).

If the trough is outside the poultry house, make a little roof of sheet iron.

In that way the food is sheltered from the rain and stays clean.

Take off the roof to fill the trough.

Feeding trough; Roof of an outdoor feeding trough