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Dental Health Teaching Materials

In many different countries, teachers and dental workers have made their own materials to help them teach better. Below is a list of some of the materials we know about. We would like to improve this list. Please write us and let us know what you are doing. We will pass along your good ideas to others.

To receive the materials in this list, write to the addresses on the right.

A. Manuals and Notes

Available from:

1. Common Oral Diseases. A manual for health teachers about common diseases and emergency treatments. Now available in English and French. Soon available in Arabic and Spanish.

All regional offices of the World Health Organization (main address: CH - 1211 Geneva, Switzerland)

2. Dental Therapist Program. This book outlines the content of an existing 2-year basic dental care program for Native people living in isolated areas of Canada. English only.

Dr. Keith W. Davey
National School of Dental Therapy
710 - 15th Ave. E.
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan S6V 7A4

3. Saenta-O Povo Mobicano. A manual for health workers, adapted from Where There Is No Dentist, now being field tested in Mozambique. In Portuguese.

Direc Provincial de Sae Sofala
Instituto de Ciias de Saa Beira
C.P. 583
Beira, Provincia da Sofala

4. The Good Teeth Book-How to Take Care of Your Mouth. A manual of ideas, especially for school teachers. In English.

The Good Teeth Book
Box 395
Wewak, East Sepik Province
Papua New Guinea

5. School Health Manual. Health lessons for primary-school teachers, with a prominent section on dental health. In English.

Gutnius Lutheran Church
P.O. Box 111
Wabag, Enga Province
Papua New Guinea

6. Dental Health: A Teacher’s Guide K-12 Lesson plans for teaching dental health in Canadian schools, from kindergarten to Grade 12. In French and English.

Health & Welfare Canada
Room 1970, Jean Mance Building
Tunney’s Pasture
Ottawa, Ontario K1A OL3

B. Slides

1. Two slide sets to accompany Common Oral Diseases. Script in English.

Teaching Aids at Low Cost
P.O. Box 49
St. Albans, Herts. AL1 4AX

2. ‘How to Take Care of Your Teeth’, slides of the puppet show shown on pages 27-37 and 27-38 of Helping Health Workers Learn.

The Hesperian Foundation
P.O. Box 1692
Palo Alto, California 94302

C. Flannel-boards

Available from:

‘Happiness is Healthy Teeth’. Presentation on dental health of children - a series of pictures to show the importance of brushing and healthy food.

Council on Dental Health
Indian Dental Association, Audio Visual Unit
CMC Hospital, Vellore, 630 004 India

‘Taking Care of Your Teeth, and Those of Your Children’. Large drawings showing local foods and possible ways of cleaning the teeth. Portuguese script available.

Direc National Medicina Preventiva Sec Educa Sanita
Ministerio de SaR>Maputo, Mozambique

D. Flipcharts

1. ‘Taking Care of a Small Child’s Teeth’ and ‘Improving Your Dental Health’ are two separate poster-size sets, using enlarged photographs. Script, in English and Melanesian Pidgin, can be attached to the back of each poster.

Immanuel Hospital
P.O. Box 181
Wapenamanda, Enga Province
Papua New Guinea

2. Nutrition/Dental Flipchart. Poster-size flipcharts using photographs. Script, in both English and Melanesian Pidgin, is printed on the back of each poster.

Ministry of Health
Dental Section
P.O. Box 1881, Boroko
Papua New Guinea

3. Flipchart on dental health, in the form of a manual (approx 35 cm x 20 cm), for use in small groups. Discusses food and hygiene for adults and children. Explanation in Portuguese on the back of each picture.

Direc National Medicina Preventiva
Sec Educa Sanita
Ministerio de SaR>Maputo

4. Dental flipcharts for mothers and children in rural areas. Text in both English and Bengali on back of each chart. A booklet with further explanations is also included.

Swedish Free Mission Dental Clinic
House 45A Road 16
Dhanmondi, Dhaka 9

Write also to these organizations - they have a special interest in teaching aids:

1. Appropriate Health Resources and Technologies Action Group (AHRTAG)
Dental Health Services Unit
85 Marylebone High Street
London W1M 3DE

2. Teaching Aids at Low Cost
P.O. Box 49
St. Albans,
Herts. AL1 4AX

3. Medical Education Unit
Faculty of Medicine
Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

4. Health Education Bureau
Kynsey Road, Colombo
Sri Lanka

5. World Health Organization
Oral Health
1211 Geneva 27

You can write to these World Health Organization Intercountry Centers:

6. Intercountry Center for Oral Health
Ban Nong Hoi, Chiang Mai

7. Training and Research Center for Oral Health
Ministry of Health
Jissr A1 - Abyad Raiss
Damascus, Syria