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close this bookSchool Health Education to Prevent AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) : Teachers' Guide (UNESCO - WHO, 1994, 117 p.)
close this folderUnit 4. Care and support
View the document(introduction...)
View the document1 Who discriminates? - Definition and case studies
View the document2 The story of two communities - Two communities react differently to someone with AIDS
View the document3 Why compassion? - Explores reasons for compassion
View the document4 What could you do? - Compassion for two people with AIDS
View the document5 How to’s of care giving - Information on how to care for someone with AIDS
View the document6 How to keep yourself safe - Precautionary care for someone who is looking after someone with AIDS
View the document7 What do you know? - Two tests to determine what students know about caregiving
View the document8 Support for responsible behaviour - How to show support for someone who has made healthy decisions
View the document9 Compassion, tolerance and support - Showing support outside the classroom

9 Compassion, tolerance and support - Showing support outside the classroom


Compassion, tolerance and support mean little to young people unless they are given the opportunity to actually practise these behaviours in everyday situations.

What the teacher does

1. Read the list “Am I really compassionate?”, to the students. Ask if they have other suggestions and add these to the list.

2. Have the students choose one from the list or make up one of their own. Then have them fill out their “Action plan” (sections 1,2 and 3; section 4 will be completed after the action plan is carried out).

3. Set a date (two weeks will probably be enough) for completing the action plan and reporting back, in section 4, “Summary of what happened and my feelings”. This section might include: how I felt; how the person I helped felt; what I did; how I did it; did it feel artificial or real - why; would I do it again; were there things I would do differently, etc.

3. Collect the summaries when finished and check to see that they were completed. Invite the students to discuss their experiences in class.

What the teacher does

Teachers should work with peer leaders to develop their action plan before the class so that these plans can be used as an example.