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close this folder4.2. First aid in the context of the general organization of safety and health in the enterprise
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4.2.4. Other institutions

There are many other institutions which may play a role, such as industrial and trade associations, safety associations, insurance companies, standards organizations, trade unions and other non-governmental organizations. Some of these organizations may be knowledgeable about occupational safety and health, and they can be a valuable resource in the planning and organization of first aid. Employers should learn about the capacity of these institutions to support first aid, or to accept certain functions in actually providing first aid. Safety organizations and certain industrial or trade associations in a number of countries have accepted tasks which the employer would otherwise fulfil, such as the formulation of technical guidelines for first aid, the training of first-aid personnel, the elaboration of specifications for first-aid equipment, supplies and facilities, and the periodic surveillance of first-aid preparedness in the enterprise.