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Pregnant. Consider your options with a little help from mezzo

If one of your friends became a parent..

"If my friend became a parent, I'd say 'cool', and wish them luck."
15, F, New Zealand

"I will feel happy for them. If they have any problems or difficulties, I will try my best to help them."
20, F, Hong Kong

"I have friends who are parents. I'm glad I'm not in their shoes though. One would have to be responsible. I don't think I'm ready for that kind of a commitment."
19, F, UK pregnant

Your period is late, you've had penetrative sex without using a contraceptive... you may be pregnant. Consult your doctor or visit your family planning clinic as soon as possible for a pregnancy test.

If you're not pregnant and you have no desire to become a parent you should discuss the contraceptive options available to you with your doctor or at a family planning clinic, and be more careful in the future. Next time you may not be so lucky...


Congratulations! Having a child is one of the greatest gifts in life and can be an incomparable source of joy and satisfaction. Good luck!



If you are pregnant, you will need to spend some time thinking about what you are going to do. You may find it easier to talk to someone you can trust. This could be your partner, a girlfriend, your parents, a teacher or a trained counselor. This may be a difficult time for you. Try to stay positive and calm. Whether or not to have a child is a decision that will affect you for the rest of your life.


· what do I want out of life? what do I think is important?
· could I handle a job/education at the same time?
· do I have enough energy to handle both?
· can I afford to support a child?
· do I know how much it costs to raise a child?
· do I Like children?
· do I expect my child to make my life happy?
· does my partner want to have a child? have we talked about our reasons?
· could we share our love with a child without jealousy?
· do I want a boy or a girl? what if I don't get what I want?
· would I want my child to achieve things that I wish I had achieved but didn't?

· have and care for the baby
· have the baby and have it adopted

· consult your doctor about the possibility of having an abortion

IT WOULD BE UNWISE to consider having an abortion in an unlicensed "clinic" performed by unqualified health personnel which is both dangerous and illegal. You may have other options available to you (see above).