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Attachment A: Sample situations for step 9.b


The following are sample situations that in some countries would be inappropriate and would inadvertently send undesired messages to HCNs. When developing situation for your country, be sure to 1) keep them short (one or two sentences) and 2) keep them descriptive. They are not rules, but examples of behaviors that Volunteers need to look at and possibly avoid. The trainees should be able to examine the situation for possible non-verbal messages that are being communicated.


1. A female PCV hitchhiking gets into the back of a truck filled with men.

2. A male and female PCV are holding hands while walking downtown.

3. A female PCV lives in a village where a lot of PCVs transfer on their way into the capital. Since this often involves staying overnight, she opens her house to them. As a result she has numerous male Volunteers spending the night at her house.

4. Two female PCVs go to the local bar for a quick drink after work.

5. Several PCVs are dancing and having a good time at the local bar. Some of the women enjoy dancing and have spent the evening dancing and drinking with a couple of the local men.

6. A male PCV goes into the local bar to talk with some friends, and finds he spends the whole evening drinking and joking about women and sex.

7. A female PCV is used to jogging/walking in the early evening hours, so at sunset she takes long walks along the village road.