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close this bookThe Courier N 148 - Nov - Dec 1994 - Dossier: Education - Country Reports: Saint Lucia - St Vincent and The Grenadines (EC Courier, 1994, 104 p.)
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Africa - Caribbean - Pacific - European Union

Jean-Marie de Ketele and M'Hamed Chf

In conjunction with our Education Dossier, two experts in the field - an educationalist and an economist - give us their views on the problems facing this sector in developing countries, They look, among other things, at the role of international organisations, the language of instruction, regional aspects and the impact of structural adjustment. And they find themselves agreeing on the need for a more pragmatic approach, in which the education provided is adapted to local needs, particularly as regards job opportunities.


The entry into force of an entirely new set of rules regulating the EU's banana market, combined with a big drop in the value of the pound sterling, the currency in which St Lucia's 'green gold' is paid, has confronted this Windward Island with the dual challenge of becoming a competitive banana producer while broadening the overall base of its economy. Prime Minister John Compton, while stressing the lack of an alternative to the banana industry, explains how St Lucia hopes to weather the economic storm.


While fully living up to its enviable reputation as a prime tourist destination, SVG has neverthless been battered by the 'free trade bulldozer'. The banana sector will continue to play a pivotal role in the archipelago's economic future, but its survival as an industry will require better quality and increased productivity. Prime Minister Jam" Mitchell highlights his country's approach to the challenges that it is facing.

Joint Assembly puts LomV under the microscope again

For the third time in succession, the future of cooperation under the Lomonvention has taken centre stage at the ACP-EU Joint Assembly. With the 'mid-term review' negotiations now formally under way, the Assembly, meeting in Libreville from 3-6 October had what was probably its last opportunity to influence the outcome of the talks. We report on what was said.


The link between education and development is widely acknowledged. Education may not, in itself, be a universal recipe for economic and social progress, but it is a fundamental - and some would argue the fundamental element in the development equation. In the Dossier we look a some of main issues involved in laying the foundations for education in ACP countries with a focus on basic questions such as school attendance, curricula, literacy and the financing aspects.