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What kinds of rabbits can you raise?

29. There are many kinds of rabbits, all with different sizes, shapes and colours and with different kinds of fur.

Different types of rabbits

30. Some rabbits are small and weigh very little. Other rabbits are large and weigh a lot.

31. You must find out the kinds of rabbits that you can get where you live. In most places, you can find several kinds of rabbits.

32. Usually, you can get local rabbits. Local rabbits are strong and hardy and used to living in your area. So, they grow well and do not get sick easily. However, local rabbits are often small and give little meat.

33. Sometimes, you can get improved rabbits that have been brought from another place. Improved rabbits have been carefully mated over many years and they are better than local rabbits.

34. Improved rabbits are larger and give more meat. However, they are not as hardy as local rabbits. So, if you get improved rabbits you will have to take better care of them.

35. Sometimes local rabbits are mated with improved rabbits. When the babies are born, they have some of the qualities both these kinds of rabbits.

If you use an improved male, the baby rabbits will be better

36. Usually, they are stronger, healthier, live well locally, grow bigger and give more meat than local rabbits.

37. However, if you can get them, the very best kind of rabbits for you to raise are medium- sized improved rabbits. These grow more quickly and give the most meat for the amount of food they eat.

38. The drawings on the next page show you three kinds of improved, medium- sized rabbits.

NEW ZEALAND RABBIT (white or red)



39. If you need help, your extension agent will be able to give you good advice on the kinds of rabbits you can get and where to get them.