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close this bookPHAST Step-by-Step Guide: A Participatory Approach for the Control of Diarrhoeal Disease (PHAST - SIDA - UNDP - WB - WHO, 2000, 137 p.)
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Seven steps to community planning for the prevention of diarrhoeal disease




1. Problem identification

1. Community stories
2. Health problems in our community

1. Unserialized posters
2. Nurse Tanaka

This step has two activities:

1. Community Stories is designed to help the group express important concerns and issues facing its community

2. Health problems in our community aims to focus discussion on health-related issues.

By the end of these two activities, the group should have identified the main issues facing its community and have decided if diarrhoea is a priority problem. It should also be interested in and willing to follow the process trough to the next step.