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Question guides

These question guides provide frameworks for recording IK on specific subjects. While many of the guides could equally be used to study western knowledge, recording IK requires something more: a probing, active search for knowledge and practices hidden from the casual outsider. Look beyond the first best or "conventional" answer. Dig deeper to learn the whole story (or at least more of the story). For example, if a community member answers your question, "How do you save?" with the reasonable reply, "at the bank," don't put away your notebook. Follow up. Is there a local credit scheme? Do community members keep goats to sell during times of emergency? Sometimes banks walk on all fours.

The following question guides provide ideas, guidance on what to look for when recording IK. The question guides are not meant to be used as questionnaires and should therefore not be applied in the field as they are. Select from each guide only those aspects which meet the objectives of your study. Adapt, reword, and combine selected questions and topics with questions and topics from other question guides.

Some but not all question guides give examples of methods that could be used to record IK on this topic. But, again: be flexible and creative —adapt and modify the approaches.