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close this bookProtective Measures against Hazardous Contact Voltage - Course: Basic skills and knowledge of electrical engineering. Methodical guide for instructors (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 13 p.)
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2.2. Preparation of the Teaching Aids

For theoretical instruction, the trainees should have a writing place. Recommendable is a room equipped with blackboard, desks and electric connection.

If instruction takes place in the workshop or at the workshop place, clean pads should be put on the working tables for the trainees to put their papers on and take notes.

For demonstration purposes, a working place with the following equipment should be prepared:

On the necessity of taking protective measures:

Devices and parts of plants showing

- natural ageing
- destruction due to inexpert use
- premature ageing caused by the influence of moisture, chemical gas, vapours etc.

Illustrations showing people who had accidents caused by lacking or not functioning protective measures.

On potential equalization:

Here, the thing to do would be on the spot to show plants and parts of plants which require the measure of potential equalization or where potential equalization has already been created.

On the individual protective measures:

- Visual aids from which the mode of functioning can be seen.
- Equipment and accessories required to put the individual protective measures into practice.
- Also here, it would be convenient to show the respective plants on the spot.

The "Trainees' Handbook of Lessons" - protective measures against hazardous contact voltage has to be destributed according to the number of trainees.

Tables and switching diagrams are drawn on the blackboard before the lesson begins.