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Session 14: Processing of field placement

Time: 7:30 PM


· For trainees to share their experiences with each other


During this session trainees share their experiences with each other. The data they have collected is not shared at this time, just their experience.


· Flip chart paper, markers, tape




30 Minutes

1. Trainer welcomes trainees back. Makes a few remarks about how important the field placements will be to future training. Asks trainees to divide into small groups of three or four and list on newsprint common experiences they have had over the last three days. Be prepared to share these experiences with the rest of group. Each person should also be prepared to share with total group an experience they had that was unique.

2. Trainees now share their experiences. Trainers make appropriate remarks, and point out experiences that will he repeated in volunteer service. Each trainee tells his/her own unique experience.

3. Trainer wraps up evening by reminding trainees the importance of keeping their journals and does a general wrap up orientation and makes a few general remarks about the beginning of technical training in the morning.