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Shanghai attracts conferences in October 98

Rising expectations for renewable energy development in China and partnership opportunities in the region have attracted 2 international conferences and exhibitions to Shanghai.

China's economic growth is expected to increase the country's energy needs. In an attempt to moderate demand and to defend the environment, China is urging its people to reduce the use of fossil fuel as well as energy losses. The government is recognising an urgent need for advanced energy-efficient technologies and new ideas on energy. To support this, China is making efforts to revise and strengthen its major laws that pertain to energy. The government is urging local organisations and the industry to import new ideas and technologies.

Shanghai is especially interested, because its Pudong New Area is planned to be developed in a high scale in the coming years. The new area includes several municipal projects, an airport, and 100 skyscrapers which all have a big energy demand to meet.

October 14-16, 1998

This event is being organised by Alternative Development Asia Ltd. from Hong Kong in partnership with the Regional Institute of Environmental Technology (RIET) and the European Union (EU). RIET is a joint EU and Singapore

Initiative that works to create partnerships towards environmental best practice and technology in Asia.

The main objectives of the event is to promote the financing and marketing of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the Asia-Pacific region and between Asia-Pacific companies and the global market.

October 20-22, 1998

This event is being sponsored by the China Energy Research Society. Its organizers include the Shanghai Commission on Energy, the Shanghai International Exhibition Corporation, and the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce.

The event is designed to be an open forum for the energy industry and a global energy information exchange. It will also help to bring advanced technologies, ideas, and solutions into China in the areas of renewable energy, energy conservation for buildings, and energy management. Key experts, decision makers, and end-users will be specifically invited from the Chinese electric power, metallurgy, chemical, building, and transportation industries to share the knowledge presented.