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7. United Nations environment and development UK

UNED-UK has as its primary objective "the promotion of global environmental protection and sustainable development, particularly through support of the UN Environment Programme, the UN Development Programme, the UN Commission on Sustainable Development, and all other relevant UN and inter-governmental institutions". Such commitments have been most fully expressed in Agenda 21 and the Rio Declaration, both agreed at the UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.

Since that Summit, the UN has made the necessary arrangements for a high level Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD), which has taken Agenda 21 as its rubric. The CSD is thus the UN body which co-ordinates and promotes internationally the work which UNED-UK has set itself, whilst Agenda 21 constitutes the most comprehensive expression to date of sustainable development and environmental protection as urgent issues for the world to address before the millennium.

UNED-UK continues to have close relationships with both UNDP and UNEP, and will foster these links over the coming year.

We aim to carry out the support of UN institutions and processes, as detailed above, through the following means:

· dissemination of information;
· UN events in the UK;
· arranging for visits from UNDP, UNEP, and UNCSD representatives.

Other objectives include:

· helping to mobilize the UK political process, particularly through national and local government, the voluntary sector and the commercial and industrial sector, in order to promote sustainable development in the work of the UN institutions both nationally and internationally,

· facilitating input from the membership of UNED-UK to the policy-making processes of UNEP, UNDP, UNCSD, and other inter-governmental institutions;

· contributing to the preparation and implementation of a national strategy for Agenda 21 and to support the work of UNCSD including its reviews of national strategies;

· encouraging other activities that result in a multi-sectoral approach to the promotion of environmental protection and sustainable development.

UNED-UK Reports for the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development 7th Session, 1999

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